RadioactivityCounter for mobile phones.

RadioaktivitätsZähler App für Android und Apple iOS.

Dabei wird der Kamera Sensor verwendet, um die eintreffende Strahlung (Gamma und Beta) zu messen. Es ist keine der vielen Spaß-Apps, die es auf dem Markt so gibt. Wir haben auch die Möglichkeit, an einer professionellen Anlage (Helmholtz Zentrum München) mit Strahlenquellen zu arbeiten und die Handys im Bereich von 1 µSv/h - 1 Sv/h (10 Sv/h) bzw. 1 µGy/h - 1 Gy/h zu messen und damit die Zuordnung zwischen Counts und Dosisleistung durchzuführen.

The Android and iOS (RadioactivityCounter APP on App Store). It turns a mobile phone into a real Geigercounter without any additional hardware . Its a REAL working app not one of the fake and fun apps around !!  Watch the instruction video down on this page !

It’s based on the mobile sensors which also react on radioactivity. We just tested a couple of devices at the Helmholtz Research Center, where some have excellent sensitivity, mainly the newer models. Our hit list currently contains  the following phones: Samsung Mini, HTC desire, Nexus S, Nexus One, Samsung, HTC Sensation, Galaxy S2 etc. (Datasets to adjust the measurements are here)

Available in Android Market
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Here we start a measurement process with the so called Buchleranlage (located at Helmholtz Research Center Munich, thanks to Prof. Dr. Hoeschen for supporting us also other projects planned based on the App), were we used two test sources (CO60 and CS137) with different activity and ranges from some µGy/h till 10 Gy/h (around 10 Sv/h) dependant on the distance and the source number.

(Image shows: Rolf-Dieter Klein in front of the Buchler device)

Measurement is running: Here we have tested several devices with our application. We used 10µG/h, 50µG/h, 200µG/h and 500µG/h.

The sensors can measure beta and gamma rays, but of course no alpha radiation as it  is blocked quickly from the camera lenses. To use the app, the mobile phone camera lense must be covered with a black paper. We will have a table with measurements for our cameras which you can use for a rough setup. We are planning for other calibration methods.

Here we have a test setup using a so called water dummy, to simulate backscatter of the human body which increases the counts  measured by the  mobile device wearing in the pocket - now we can  provide more accurate data for the aquivalent dose measurement later on.


device-2011-08-11-111020_messung a

The application stores a history, as shown here for the previous measurement of Nexus One, which counts up to 10500 for a 500 µGy/h radiation


We need of course some help from the  community, use the contact us button and send  us feedback. We made a special price for the Japanese people using this application in hope we can help them a little bit in getting a very deeply low cost Geiger Counter and praying for them to bypass Cris they are facing.

.We also need help from the  manufactures with devices we can test. Supported is Android 2.2 and  newer.

We also work  for other platforms, such as iPhone.

email us please with suggestions.


Image from Measurements with 10 Sv/h !! The phones still work.

The App radioactivity counter is done as a HOTRAY project for HotRay Ltd. Soon more comes on the homepage just being build up.

The HTC Aria was out of the ray at 1 Sv/h (short distance)

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